Hello, my name is


I am a front-end developer and musician based in Burlington, VT.

Lately, I've been using HTML5, CSS, Javascript (ES6+) and React to build interactive, responsive websites and web apps.

Bryan Parmelee


Goals You May Have Missed

goals you may have missed

This site allows users to filter recent soccer matches by league and view highlights in a modal video player. Built using the Scorebat API.

Artist Website

artist website

This is a personal website I built to highlight my work as a musician and composer through the use of interactive menus and modal videos.

Wedding Website

wedding website

A personal, multi page website I built for guests of my forthcoming wedding, which incorporates a countdown clock and responsive photo gallery.


This app uses the Movie Database to allow users to see titles, ratings and overviews for featured titles, or to search for specific movies.


2•DO is a task managment web app built with React that allows users to create and sort a to-do list.

Weather App

weather app

This app uses the Open Weather API to provide users with current weather conditions based on their geolocation.